It takes a big team to share our stories—actors, writers, producers, showrunners—you get the idea. But behind every project is our creative-team, the one’s who make sure every story is strange & unusual enough for our standards.


Take a look below to see the men and women behind mic:


nightimte barshot

C. M. MAGANA: (@Shaxpeario)

As producer of strange N unusual Productions, Magana’s known for some local theatre in his hometown and the voice role of Officer Car Explosion in Guns and Talks.

Favorite Character Quote: 

“Now see here old boy, that’s hardly proper behavior for a tea party!”
— Count Bunnyton


Writer and creator for Friend of the Family. Known recluse and internet hermit. Hates writing biographies.

Favorite Character Quote: 

“I beg your pardon, my family is -extremely- wealthy.”
— Valerie

N. H. PETCOSKY: (@redthic)

This man wears a lot of hats (not literally) for the strange N unusual team—primarily as an actor, writer, and problem solver for Friend of the Family.  

Petcosky is the creator, writer and lead artist for Comics on VHS

Favorite Character Quote: 

“Get on my level vampire. It’s Soap horror. It’s coming. It’s going to be amazeballs.”
— Yog Ripoff


Often serving as the team’s designer, Jessica also lends her talents to assorted voice roles in our audio plays and inks Comics on VHS.

Courtois also enjoys food and sleeping. 

Favorite Character Quote: 

“I’m not a lesbian!”
— Laurel


When the Law isn’t kicking ass, taking names and doing voices, she co-hosts the Legends of S.H.I.E.L.D. podcast.

Favorite Character Quote:

“I am just off to the family’s movie night. They are playing The Godfather. Ever seen it?”
— Asmodeus


The voice actress for Alice Belford may be new to podcasting, but has a long history with theater. She loves genre fiction, meta humor, queer theory and cats. We didn’t make up that last one.

Favorite Character Quote:

“I can’t die, but I can sleep for, like, ever.”
— Yog Ripoff


An amateur comedian, voice actor and professional corporate drone, Michael’s acting credits include numerous plays and musicals in his tenure at the Texas Renaissance Festival’s performance company.

Favorite Character Quote:

“Ladies and gentlemen I apologize for this entire episode.”
— Narrator


A young, up-and-coming voice actor, Seth is a nerd, a gamer and over all Hero for Hire.

Favorite Character Quote: 

— Asmodeus

Jared Counts (@JWCOUNTS)

While a long-time podcast listener, Jared is new to being in them.

Instead, he's learning about technology, which net him his day job as the webmaster of a local public media outlet.

He's also sNu's new web guy.

Favorite Character Quote:

….that happened forty something years ago? Somebody probably swept.
— Lucky

spoopy moon

ASMODEUS: (@FriendotFamily) 

Dude’s a vampire. He also hosts, Letters to Asmodeus. 

Send Asmodeus a letter @ and hear him respond in the most inappropriate way possible. 

Favorite Character Quote:

“I am a very cunning... linguist.”
— Me