strange N unusual Productions is a collection of artists who can’t stop. Audio dramas, web comics, blogs—whichever medium we use (and we use quite a few) we aim to do one thing: entertain.


Sure, in every sNu story, you’ll find recurring tropes. We’re big fans of Fridge Horror — an idea that implies a darker reality than first thought — But it’s not all scare and terror; you’ll find a healthy dose of humor in our work too.

Because in reality (a word rarely used here), we’re here to write, record and produce content that embraces the themes and casting choices that don’t get their due in modern media—a.k.a. the “strange & unusual.”


I’m the Hunter now, Uncle Lawrence! My job is ‘pretty graphic!
— Alice, Friend of the Family

Our Favorite Projects


Mages, monsters, madness, and a friendship the universe seems eager to destroy. Read this horror comic here.


Friend of the Family:

Where the Narrator's a character, the leads hate each other & fighting the supernatural is surprisingly mundane. 


Dark Files:

The Dark Files brings anthology stores, ranging from irreverent parody to rambling ruminations. 


Letters to Asmodeus: 

Everyone’s favorite ass is back. Listen as the egomaniac responds to your letters in the worst way possible. 


See the Cast & Crew of strange N unusual

See the Cast & Crew of strange N unusual