Horror. Comedy. Internet Stuff. It's all here at strange N unusual Productions. We're a collection of lively artists working in a dead medium—audio dramas. Feast your ear-balls on our work; we hope you enjoy the 'strange & unusual' like we do.

But don't worry—we make spooky, cute


friend of the family

Where the Narrator is a character, the leads hate each other and fighting the supernatural can be remarkably mundane. Join the exploits of Alice and the undead asshole, Asmodeus. 

Listen to Friend of the Family 

Listen to Friend of the Family 

dark files

It’s been called a low-rent take on twilight zone. Or a twisted homage to Mr. Holmes. Whatever it is, Dark Files shares anthology stories ranging from irreverent parody to nihilistic ruminations. 

letters to asmodeus

Everyone’s favorite asshole is back. Listen as an egomaniac responds to your questions and comments in the most inappropriate way possible. 



Tall Tales (coming soon)

Six friends, a curious bar and rambling conversations that only stem from a night of heavy drinking. Stay tuned for this new series, coming soon. 


Listen to Letters to Asmodeus

Listen to Letters to Asmodeus

Listen to Tall Tales — Coming Soon

Listen to Tall Tales  Coming Soon

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